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Personal Training

Photo by John Arano on Unsplash

Personal training is a great tool to help individuals take greater control of their health and wellness. Not only do I teach clients how to utilize strength training (which allows individuals of all levels of cardiovascular fitness) to exercise – that is, people with chronic conditions, smokers, and sedentary people, can all learn how to workout without feeling like they can’t breathe. We use strength training to help them with many goals including but not limited to injury prevention, improving the odds of mobility for seniors as they age, disease management (especially when increasing bone density for osteoporosis, or weight management for metabolic diseases), getting stronger (able to lift a growing disabled child into/out of a wheel chair), and so much more. Besides just improving their physical fitness, my clients improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, and body image. It is an environment where clients feel accepted and included without body shaming, and it often has a myriad of impacts on other places in their lives. This might include gaining the confidence to ask for a raise at work, feeling more mentally healthy as their work-life balance improves, and developing business ideas by bouncing them off of a supportive and helpful coach who provides constructive, positive, and actionable feedback. My clients are able to start to play sports, pick up new hobbies, and many of them turn around and start helping their own family members become more healthy and fit.

8+ Week Packages

Packages must be purchased in 8+ week blocks. A down-payment is required for packages not paid in full. Paid in full receive 10% off!

  • $100 for 3 weekly sessions
  • $80 for 2 weekly sessions

Block of Sessions

Have a more varied schedule? Need more flexibility? Purchase a block of 10+ sessions, at $50 per session.

Training with Friends/Family

Train with a friend, or a family member! Inquire within for special pricing.

Find out what others are saying about VT AthletaFit…

I lost a lot of muscle after a serious accident so when I was released from physical therapy I signed up with Alex! Best decision, she knows her stuff and has helped me get a better body than before! Plus she is kind, personable and offers reasonable rates! 5 stars for Athletafit!

— Mary E.

My time with Alex was priceless. She is knowledgeable, data-driven, thoughtful, and inspiring. Alex was willing to meet me where I was at, and took me further than I thought was possible.
I worked with Alex weekly for about five months, which ended three months ago. I am proud to report that I continue to strive for new goals. Alex’s intuitive, well-design program is sustainable and is worth every penny!

—Dawn S.

Absolutely! Coach Alex is a wonderful combination of talent, education, and motivation! I wanted strength and focus to improve my yoga and I got so much more!
Knowledge based , factual enlightenment in just a 10 week. Session! Another 10 week session and I will be on a roll for continued good health and strength, good eating habits and noticeable life style changes.
It’s tough getting older, but with Alex’s expertise and guidance, I feel young, strong and motivated once again!

— Michelle

I have had a pair of flannel lined jeans for years. I could get them on and zipped but all I could do in them is stand straight upright. But they were pricey and being a frugal gal I didn’t want to get rid of them. Tried them on today and not only did they zip but I could squat AND I could fit my hands in my pockets! Thanks Alex!! With my flannel lined jeans and these guns nothing can stop me!

— Elaine M.

Now that you know more about personal training, why don’t you go ahead and send me an email! Give me a brief description of what services you’re hoping to receive, and share a sentence or two about your goals.


Thank you for visiting VT AF! What is VT AF? It is Vermont AthletaFit, or VT AthletaFit, but it’s not Vermont As F*** even though we do think that’s pretty hardcore.

VT AthletaFit is the premier personal training studio of the Lakes Region. Established in 2021, the studio has been a place for dozens of clients to come and learn more about their bodies, their capabilities, and their strengths. They learn about weight lifting (a.k.a. lifting, weight training, resistance training, strength training etc.) and how it can be used to help them make their bodies strong, fit, and healtheir, and how it can help them achieve their aesthetic or athletic/recreational/functional goals. Some examples include carrying more groceries in at once, improving your finish in long distances races, fitting into the pants that have been folded up under your bed for a decade, or even carrying your significant other in a backpack carrier when they’re older and feeble (assuming a carrier exists that can support such a load lol).

Who are the people of VT AthletaFit? VT AthletaFit currently consists of Alex, the personal trainer and owner-operator of the business. We hope to hire more people to work in Poultney in the future, but for now, just Alex. Alex is a Massachusetts native, but has been living in Vermont since 2008 (with the exception of a few-months here and there). She attended Green Mountain College where she studied biology and environmental studies, and finished in 2012. She decided to go back to GMC in 2014 and earned her MBA in 2017. Even though the college has closed, Alex has found her home and favorite place in the beautiful town of Poultney. Alex is a certified personal trainer, and holds CPR/AED/first aid certification, and has completed continuing education is plant-based nutrition, pre- and postnatal fitness, and other wellness topics. Additionally, Alex began her studies of Nutrition through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) in February 2022 and is excited to use her newfound knowledge and tools in the field to help her clients achieve their goals.